Last Dance With MaryJane

I mentioned having to do a visa run earlier, this was because my Thai visa was about to expire! When I entered Thailand I had 30 days to stay and believe it or not that time frame was closing in on me. So I booked a visa run which is a pretty common thing to do and buys you an extra 15 days and I figured since I was going all the way to the border of Myanmar I should see some sights along the way. So I booked a sightseeing visa run tour. They picked me up at 730am and we drove to a hot spring that was about 2 hours from Chiang Mai, it was really small and un eventful. From there we went to the White Temple (Wat Rong Khun) and it was incredible! It is the only all white temple in Thailand and it sits on a little lake so it reflects on the water. There was some weird aspects of it too, like the hanging clay heads on the way in and the pits to either side of hands reaching up at you, but I thought it was really freakin awesome. After the white temple we drove to the golden triangle. This is where the Mekong river separates Thailand and Myanmar from Laos, it also used to be where opium in Asia was produced. After the golden triangle we had lunch and then went to the border. The other people in the trip didn’t have to get a visa extension so I walked across the Burmese border alone! It was funny I just walked straight from Thailand into Myanmar then straight back into Thailand. Once that was done we started heading home to Chiang Mai. On the way we stopped to see some hill tribes, one of which were the long necks (the people who put gold rings around their necks). When we finally got back it was 730pm and I had managed to read an entire book in the car! Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri- if you haven’t read it, you should. It’s sad but so good. I was also super impressed with my skills of reading in the car because that used to make me sick… Anyway it was a long day but I got my visa extension and can now stay in Thailand until the 26. Which is perfect because that is the day I fly to Myanmar!


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