Jemima Surrender

The boat that Kat and I took from Koh Tao was actually really great. We had our own bunk beds and air conditioning! We arrived to Champhon at 5am and took a taxi to a cafe where we waited for a bus to Bangkok. The bus arrived at 7am and we got to Bangkok around 3 in the afternoon. So it was a pretty long day of traveling. When we got to our hostel Ash and Carly were there waiting and when we sat down on the beds we realized that they were literally wooden planks. So uncomfortable. But oh well we were all so exhausted it didn’t matter. We walked down to Koah San road (which is the famous backpackers road in Bangkok) and got some pad Thai and did a little souvenir shopping. In the morning we got up and took a cab to the weekend market then the floating market (of course my camera died). The weekend market was crazy, a bunch of clothes and souvenir shops for SO cheap and the floating market was just food but it was so beautiful. When we got back to the hostel I decided to check out and find a new place because Brian (my friend from home) was coming and our hostel had no more beds to book. Brian is a friend who I’ve known since middle school and he is awesome! He decided to move to Thailand to teach English and came a week before his program started so we could travel to some islands. So I found a nice and cheap hostel off of Koah San road with comfy beds and Ash, Kat and I hit the town (Carly wasn’t feeling well so she went to bed). At around midnight I went to the McDonalds to meet Brian and was really scared I wouldn’t find him cuz there were so many people but sure enough I heard someone yell my name and I turned around and he was standing there! It was a really crazy feeling because it seems like I have been living in this alternate universe and home was a past lifetime, so to have someone from home here was like worlds colliding! We went out and had a really fun night that included some Thai whiskey and eating scorpions then headed back to our hostel. The next day the girls left and I was so so sad to say goodbye. We had been traveling together now for around 2 weeks and I had gotten so close with them. It sucks cuz I’m not sure when I’ll see them again but I really do think our lives will converge at another time. So Brian and I had to decide if we were gonna stay in Bangkok another night or head down to Koh Phi Phi. Since we didn’t have very much time we decided to go to Koh Phi Phi on an overnight bus and boat. It was a looooong journey.


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