Hold On

So Brian and I took an overnight bus from Bangkok and met two American girls who were living in Thailand teaching English. One was named Hannah from Texas and the other Brooke from San Diego, they were hilarious. We got to Koh Phi Phi at around noon and all found a hostel together. It was only 250 baht a night! And we had our own little dorm room. So we immediately went to the beach and just relaxed. If anyone has seen the movie The Beach with Leonardo Dicaprio- this is where that movie was filmed. Needless to say it was pretty breathtaking. That night we all went out on the beach and saw a ton of fire shows and stayed out till sunrise. The next day we rented a boat with some English friends from our hostel and got the driver to take us to a cliff jumping place. To get up to the cliff jump we had to climb up these really jagged slippery rocks and when we got to the top it was a scary jump (about 30 feet) but once again I made all the boys go first to make sure it was deep enough which it definitely was. So we did the jump then went up to jump for a second round. Another boat had showed up with some Israelis who also wanted to do the jump (along with Germans, Israelis are the other majority in Asia- mostly Thailand though) and they climbed up with us. They were scared though and asked me to go first saying they were confident enough in their sexuality to ask a girl to go first, so I did. When I looked up at the cliff it was being descended on by monkeys! It was crazy they just started coming at the boys, growling, and grabbing them like they were protecting their territory and all of a sudden 6 boys who had been scared to jump we’re hurling themselves off the cliff at the same time. It was hilarious! Brian decided to go back up for a third time to face the monkeys and when they got near him he started beating his chest and making king kong noises which actually scared them away and was equally as funny to watch as the other boys dropping like flies. So after the cliff jump we went back to the island and I asked brian to hold my bag while I went pee in the ocean. He walked up when i was walking out and i reached for my sarong which he was also holding but he thought i was reaching for my bag and he let go of it. It landed in the ocean with literally everything electronic i had brought on the trip, luckily it all survived except my camera. The good news is that the pictures were saved but i was pretty bummed about it none the less. So later we went out and got some dinner and went to the fire shows again. The next day Brian and I hiked up to the lookout point which was a LOT of stairs but totally worth it. We got a whole view of the island and the bays and rocks around it. We stayed almost till sunset then went back down, got some dinner and everyone wanted to go out again. I was really tired but obliged long enough to go see Muay Thai (traditional Thai boxing) because I heard they also let some foreigners in for a round or two and it was funny. It was pretty cool actually when the Thai guys did it, they did this whole ritual at the beginning where they go to every corner of the ring and do this prayer thing. They just seemed very respectful of each other and it was a lot of kicking and almost an art form. When the foreigners tried however it was hilarious because they had no idea what they were doing and looked so big and clumsy. Afterwards I went to get a massage and went to bed. I made friends with the thai ladies at the massage parlour and chatted with them for like 30 minutes about being healthy and our bodies hah. The next morning Brian and I got up super early and headed back to Bangkok where we said goodbye and I caught an overnight bus to Ching Mai to arrive in time for orientation for my elephant camp. We’ll see how that goes!


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