Electric Avenue

I arrived in Koh Tao and Amie (my British friend who I met in Bali) was at the pier waiting for me. She has been living in Koh Tao for the past 5 months and working as a dive master. So Kat took a cab to her hostel and Amie and I went back to her apartment and caught up for a few hours then we went out to dinner and hit the town. We ran into Kat and the three of us girls had such a fun night. The next day we explored Haad Mae which is a nice area of Koh Tao (away from the party area Sairee) and hung out at the beach. We called it an early night because in the morning we were waking up early to scuba dive! So Kat and I did a DSD (discover scuba diving) for about $50USD which included a brief intro and 2 dives. We started out in the pool and learned the basics like how to clear our masks in case we got water in them, how to equalize (depressurize your ears), and things like that. After that we went out on the boat with about 60 other divers and went to a diving point called outlook. Amie, Jen (our dive instructor), Kat, and I all then went down for a dive. We only did 10 meters but I was super nervous. Luckily everything went swimmingly 🙂 and I was able to equalize and felt totally comfortable under water. Unfortunately for both of the dives the water was mucky and the visibility sucked so we didn’t see very many cool fish but it was more about the experience of being under water for 40 minutes at a time! Once again I was cursing myself for not having an underwater camera and would definitely love to go scuba diving again given the chance. That night the three of us girls went into town for half priced food at a restaurant that had ladies night deals then went and got incredible massages from a place right on the beach while listening to the waves. The next day Amie had to work so Kat and I walked around and explored Sairee, did a little shopping, and lounged on the beach. We had dinner at this yummy restaurant and had the best pad Thai ever for 70 baht ($2.50) then went out in the town. It was a really fun night and when we got up the next day we caught a taxi to Tanote Bay. Tanote Bay is on the other side of the island from where we were so we took a scary cab ride over there but it was totally worth it. We went swimming in some beautiful water then Amie and I climbed up a big rock to jump off (about 20 feet). After a nice nap on the beach we got some dinner and Kat and I took an overnight boat/ bus to Bangkok.


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