Hey, Hey, What Can I do

I was so happy to leave the Cameron highlands and get back to the beach! The bus ride to Kuala Besut was not too bad, I slept a little and listened to music, it took about 5 hours. Once we got to Kuala Besut I took a small boat over to the Perhentian Islands- one small and one big. The small one is the “party” one and I had a friend from Bali who was there so I went to meet him (which turned out to be a not so good idea because as I found out he was sort of in love with me and I’ve had trouble getting rid of him since then). The Perhentian islands were something I read about in my 500 Secret Journeys of a Lifetime National Geographic book so I was really excited to make it there since I missed the fireflies. The boat ride there was through some of the clearest turquoise water I have ever seen and I arrived at coral bay where I was greeted by Kevin. He showed me to the hostel we had booked (Tropicana Backpackers) and introduced me to some other friends he had been traveling with. We all went out to lunch at Ewans cafe which was one of our staples on the island. Afterwards we all went down to the beach and swam and lounged for a while. Every night there is a fire show at long beach so we headed down there to watch for a while and then went to the only two bars on the island and went home. The next few days were pretty much the same, very relaxing, beach time, tuna fish sandwiches for lunch, then fire show. One day we hiked up to the lookout point and looked out over the whole island. It was AMAZING. Once at the top there were about 1000 steps leading down to an old pier that you could jump off of, it was about a 15 foot jump and I made all the boys go before me so I could make sure the water was deep enough. The next day everyone left but I stayed an extra day and did a snorkeling trip. Our first stop was coral bay which was beautiful and we saw some cool fish, next stop was shark point where we actually saw- I bet you can guess- sharks! They were small reef sharks and about 30 feet below me but I still freaked out when I saw them and booked it back to the boat. Next we went to turtle point and swam with giant sea turtles which were soooo cool then we stopped at fishermans village for lunch. I was on a boat with a group of young Germans (there are seriously so many Germans in Asia) and after lunch we went to romantic beach which was very romantic. Our boat captain said he was going to the bathroom on another island and would be back in 15 minutes and an hour later we were still waiting. We were laughing but still slightly concerned that we had been stranded but he eventually showed up. Turned out he had ran out of petrol and had to radio another boat, go all the way back to the main island, then go back for his boat to put gas in it. Only in Asia! The next morning I caught a boat out and took a bus to Kota Bharu where I spent one night before I flew to Koh Samui the next morning. Kota Bharu is a WEIRD place. I was definitely the only tourist there and people were literally stopping what they were doing to stare at me. I got asked 6 times in 2 hours to have my picture taken. I felt like a local celebrity! So I really wanted a message (obviously) and finally found a place that would give me one for a reasonable price. So I go into the massage room and the woman asked me to undress but she didn’t leave the room. So ok, whatever, I’m not shy, I got undressed and laid in the massage bed. After about 10 minutes another woman came into the room and started having a full blown conversation with my masseuse. So once again, ok, whatever, I can deal with talking. But THEN both woman started burping. Horrifically. Like I thought they were about to vomit, belching, gagging and my skin was crawling. I was trying not to laugh but also was extremely disgusted and of course neither one of them spoke a word of English. So this continued for an hour and the worst part was I had to pay them for it! I had to pay them for burping on me. I went back to the hostel, took an hour long shower, and went to bed, so thankful that I was only staying in this weird ass town for one night.


One thought on “Hey, Hey, What Can I do

  1. So after reading your post, I googled “burping massage in Malaysia” and discovered that it is a way of releasing bad energy when the masseuse finds a spot that is troubling. You must have had a lot of tight muscles!

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