Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright

I arrived in Kuching (Sarawak is the region of Borneo) after my flight from Kota Kinabalu (in Sabah) and spent the night at lodge 121. I had already booked it but my taxi driver claimed that the backpackers all stayed at singghasana and if I wanted to meet people I should go there. The next day I went exploring around the city and decided to switch to singghasana backpackers hostel so I moved all my stuff and it turns out there were even less people there than at lodge 121! I think there are way less backpackers in Borneo than in Bali but I still had a wonderful time. The town of Kuching is really cute. I walked around the pedestrian mall and into chinatown for lunch then went down to the water and took a little boat cruise around the town. The next day I caught the bus to Bako national park and met some really nice people to share a boat with- 2 Spanish guys and an Austrian couple. We took the boat over to the national park and hiked to a beach called Paku beach. It was so beautiful to walk through the jungle and end up on this deserted beach with wild pigs and monkeys. We then took another boat around some incredible rock structures and ended up at another beach then walked back through the jungle to catch the boat back to the mainland. The Spanish guys were staying at the park over night but the Austrian couple was going back and they invited me to go out with them and their friends from their hostel. So I said yes of course and we had such a fun night of smoking hookah and drinking rice wine! The next day I flew to kuala lumpur and was bummed to be leaving Kuching since I had just found some cool people but excited to be in a city again where there would be more backpackers.


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