Castles Made Of Sand

After arriving in Sanur we went around to some different boat companies and managed to work out a pretty cheap price to get a fast boat over to Nusa Lembongan. We then had the most terrifying fast boat ride I have ever experienced of which I was sure I would not survive. Luckily it only lasted for about 20 minutes and then I found myself on this adorable island! We found a homestay immediately with a really nice guy who’s name was Bronyts. He gave us a room for 200,000 rupiah ($20 USD) per night but asked us to lie if anyone asked what we were paying because he was charging the people in the other rooms more haha. This is the second time this has happened to me, I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been traveling with a friendly blondetourage or what but I’ll take it! our neighbors were two really nice young Dutch guys who offered to show us around the island. We rented scooters (again) and went to some beautiful deserted beaches. Secret beach, dream beach, mushroom bay, blue corner beach, and sunset point. I LOVE driving a scooter. For real. It’s too fun. We pretty much just spent a few days scooting around, checking out beaches, and eating delicious local street food. Going back to Kuta we took a slow boat (there was no way in hell I was getting on a fast boat again) and got back into the Kuta routine pretty quick. I left granny’s last night and was really sad, I felt like I was leaving my home away from home but I am currently in the kuala lumpur airport waiting to catch my flight to Kota Kinabalu in the Malaysian part of Borneo. Stoked!


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