Left for Gili Trawangan with quite the motley crew of travelers. Myself, 2 German boys, a Canadian guy, 2 English girls, and a Dutch girl. When we arrived almost every hostel was booked because it is high season to go to the Gili islands (which are 3 Indonesian islands pretty close to Bali: Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno). We finally found a hostel for about $7 a night per person and booked it immediately. We dropped our stuff off and went straight to the beach then got some dinner. That night we wanted to go out to the bars (Gili T is known as the party island) but it was Ramadan so the only bar open was an Irish bar that had a silent disco. For those of you who don’t know, a silent disco is when they give out a bunch of headphones and the music is only playing in the headphones. It is actually a pretty funny scene to stumble upon because everybody is dancing in what looks like silence but it was really fun. So there began our Gili T routine. Breakfast, beach, lunch, beach, dinner, go out dancing! One day we rented bikes and biked around the whole island which is tiny, it took us about 4 hours but we stopped along the way to snorkel, have lunch and drink some beers. The snorkeling was cool but I think we didn’t swim far enough out to see some crazy stuff. The next day we rented kayaks and kayaked over to Gili Meno which was harder than it looked but still really fun. It took us about 30 minutes in the kayak and we ALL flipped which was hilarious. I had thought ahead and gotten a waterproof bag for my camera but some other people in the group were not so lucky… Gili Meno was cool. It was really tiny and there wasn’t much to do but the beach was really beautiful. After the Gilis we took a little boat over to Lombok which is another island east of Bali. We arrived in Senggigi after a nauseating 2 hour bus ride where I was sitting sideways going up and down hills and around curves and found a cute hostel with free breakfast and wifi for $7 a night. I immediately dropped my stuff off and went to get a massage and pedicure- I seriously cannot get enough of this cheap spa thing. We woke up in Senggigi and went north to some beautiful deserted cove beaches then we walked south along the beach until we arrived at this tiny temple to watch the sunset over Bali’s largest volcano to the west. It was one of the most dramatic sunsets I have ever seen. From senggigi we got a cab to Kuta, Lombok and found a cute hostel for $6 a night. We walked down the street and ended up on this adorable beach spotted with colorful fishing boats and surrounded by mountains. Kuta is one of the poorest regions in Lombok because they don’t have resources to grow very many things and immediately upon arrival we were being hassled by little kids trying to sell us bracelets. The next day we rented scooters. I drove one and Kevin drove one. Lilly said she wanted to drive but then crashed into a wall while she was practicing so I was like uhhhh I think I’ll drive. It was SO fun. We went into town then headed west to some beaches we had read about in lonely planet called Mawun, Mawi, and Salong Blanak. At first I refused to go over 20mph on the scooter but I got comfortable and was able to go a little faster. And I had a helmet of course! (don’t worry mom and dad). First beach we got to was Mawun beach which was breathtaking. It was a half moon crescent shaped beach with crystal clear water and surrounded by mountains. Truly a vision of paradise. Next was Salong Blanak- a sugar white beach with water streaked a thousand shades of blue and finally Mawi beach which seemed to be a surfers paradise but not as good for swimming. Afterwards we went back to kuta, had dinner and got a cab back to senggigi. The next morning we got up and headed back to granny’s hostel in Kuta, Bali. It was a great adventure and nice to be back in Kuta to relax for 2 days before heading off again!


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