When I woke up to start my day tour of Petra I was feeling a little shy. My guide was amazing though, a 22 year old Jordanian guy who immediately put me at ease. He split the group into 3 cars and put all the young people in his car. I met a really cool girl from California, a guy from Spain and a guy from Canada. The drive to Petra took two hours and the scenery was breathtaking. Upon arrival to Petra we were immediately surrounded by Jordanian children trying to sell us things, “my friend, my friend: special price for you- free gift, just for you, my friend…” It was amazing to see Ramsey (our guide) interact with them. He was so loving yet stern when they were trying to charge us too much. I feel like since he does tours there 6+ days a week he must have developed some sort of parental type relationships with them and it was beautiful to watch. Speaking of beauty, the walk into Petra was unbelievable! I felt kinda like I was in Utah sandwiched in between 2 massive reddish colored rocks that created a crevasse. Then suddenly, it opens up into a beautiful ancient city. Aside from all the tourists you can even almost picture being back in time. There are camels everyone clothes in vibrant shawls, men in turbans and women with only their eyes showing. The architecture there was mind lowing. The fact that these people hand carved these buildings so long ago is unreal! I was so impressed! After Petra we had some time to explore Aqaba city which was right on the water. Ramsey was so excited to tell me about how they had Popeyes, Burger King and Pizza Hut there- ugh. I spent the next day in Eilat (southern Israel) sitting on the Red Sea looking at Jordan and soaking up the sun. Bucket List is goin pretty well so far- Med Sea, Red Sea, Dead Sea- check! Petra- check!


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