Railroad Earth

Just a little more about Israel after birthright…

I am so glad I got to stay after and discover Israel a little more! My friend Talia took such wonderful care of me, we went exploring and walked around so much of Tel Aviv. My favorite neighborhood was called Neve Tzedek, it was filled with art, cafés and shops. We also went to this neighborhood that used to be a railroad station and is now redone but still has the old railway cars. She lives really close to the Yemenite quarter so we walked around there a bit as well. For breakfast one morning we went to this little hole in the wall restaurant and got a bowl of something called Yemenite mush. It was sort of like pancakes and eggs mixed in a giant bowl with some tomato sauce thingy- it was DELICIOUS. The coolest thing about the restaurant is that none of the workers there get paid, yet they come in daily or weekly or whatever to help out just because they enjoy it. I can’t imagine anything happening like that in the states! I decided to go to Jerusalem one day to meet with some doctors that my grandfather has been working with for a few years. They were so eager to meet me and it was an amazing experience. None of them have actually met him in person but they had such wonderful things to say about his young heart and curiosity for life. One of the phd students even told me the only reason she is in medical school is due to a scholarship fund my grandpa made! For those of you who know him, you know all these things to be true. From Jerusalem I headed straight to Petra…


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