Divided sky

Wow! This trip has been incredible so far. After flying through the night from new York to Israel I got on a bus and went straight to hike a mountain. That pretty much set the stage for the trip. After 10 days of non stop activities and biased Jewish propaganda (which could have been dangerous considering my lack of sleep) I am happy to be relaxing on the beach in tel aviv for a few days. I have learned so much about Israel in terms of both history and culture. I have never been to a place where the people are so unified out of love for their country. I was also surprised at how secular the people are. To many of them, being Jewish is not a religion it is a nationality. I found it interesting to listen to my guide who was so pro israel that at some points I found his point of view to be a little bit sickening. I thought a lot about my identity; as a woman, as a Jew, but mostly as a human being. It is hard for me to comprehend some people’s unwillingness to be open and accepting of others based on their religion or where they come from. I felt I was very lucky with the group of young adults that were on my trip. Everyone was constantly questioning and challenging the facts we were being given and in general i think most of us were a group of optimistic, open minded individuals. Overall it has been an amazing, eye-opening experience and I couldn’t think of a better way to start this journey.

First impressions:
*not all desert!
*There’s a lot of trees and shrubbery, in fact the landscapes remind me a lot of Colorado.
*HOT. so hot.
*People are more abrasive in the way they speak.

Lasting impressions
*the people here have been so helpful and welcoming to me
*the towns and cities are more modern than I expected
*this is an amazing country!

Next stop- Petra!


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